Discovering Latin Quarter
and Cité Island

Meeting point
In front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral
3 hours
Price:1-2 pers: 93€/pers. 3-4 pers: 75€/pers.5-6 pers: 65€/pers.
Included: guided tour, degustations included in the tour
Min 2 persons

Guided tour :
Discovering Latin Quarter and Cité Island

This is one of the most "Parisian" districts of the French capital.
Here you will find on of the most popular Parisians park - the Luxembourg garden, the Parisian universities such as Sorbonne or École Polytechnique (Polytechnic School) and the nearby cafés, the Pantheon with the graves of such great French men as Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Voltaire..., the chapel of Cardinal Richelieu, and also the Church Saint-Sulpice built with the donations of the Parisians of the quarters and described in the books of Hemingway, Den Braun, Victor Hugo...

But studying history of Paris is much more enjoyable together with gastronomy!

That is why we will mix all the stories with interesting facts about French cuisine and French products, as well as its tastings!
During our walk, we will look into different shops with french typical products.
We will learn about the production of olive oil and taste it,
visit the boutiques of the most famous confectioners,
taste real French macarons and
finish our walk with a light lunch with cheeses, sausages, salad and a glass of excellent wine.

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